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Platinum Plus Dental Plan

Since 2004, Platinum Plus Dental Plan has been providing patients with access to high-quality dental care and procedures. Our company mission is to provide everyone access to an affordable dental plan. We will help you get the dental care that you need at the best price.

Routine preventative care is covered at a fraction of the cost of what the same services would cost without the Platinum Plus affordable dental plan. No waiting periods. (benefits start immediately.) Platinum Plus is currently for the exclusive use at any American Dental Solutions location in Berks, Chester, Lancaster, and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania. Evening hours at every location. Saturday hours offered. 24/7/365 on call service. Blood pressure evaluation. Oral cancer screening. Is this the best dental plan or what? Get the best dental plan today! 

Platinum Plus Comparison Chart

National Average
Platinum Plus Plan
$99/person $169/family

Check-Ups and X-Rays

Routine 6 Month Check-Up$57.00$19.00
In Depth Check - Up$99.00$25.00
Full Mouth X-Rays$144.00$47.00
Panoramic Film$122.00$36.00

Cleanings and Sealants

Adult Teeth Cleaning $102.00$34.00
Child Teeth Cleaning$75.00$30.00
Protective Sealant / Tooth$61.00$21.00
Fluoride (Excludes Cleaning)$42.00$24.00

Fillings and Crowns

1 Surface White Filling for U or L Front Tooth$175.00$79.00
Single Crown - All Porcelain$1,227.00$734.00
Disclaimer: Upgrades available on all crowns at additional fee.

Conventional Braces

Orthodontic Treatment (Transitional)$3,300.00$2,610.00
Orthodontic Treatment (Adolescents)$5,658.00$4,410.00
Orthodontic Treatment (Adults)$5,936.00$4,410.00

Implants and Veneers

Veneer - Resin Laminate (Chairside)$837.0020% off
Veneer - Porcelain Laminate (Lab)$1,211.0020% off
Implant Supported Porcelain Crown$1,700.0020% off

Root Canals

Root Canal Treatment - Front Tooth$826.00$382.00
Root Canal Treatment - Bicuspid$967.00$449.00
Root Canal Treatment - Molar$1,170.00$629.00

Gum Treatments

Perio Scaling and Root Planning (Per Quadrant)$271.00$141.00
Periodontal Maintenance $156.00$84.00
Bone Replacement Graft (1st in Quadrant)$710.0020% 0ff

Dentures and Bridges

Full Upper Denture$1,855.00$820.00
Tooth Replacement Part of Permanent Bridge$1,197.0020% off
Add Clasp to Existing Bridge (Partial Denture)$295.0020% off

Tooth Extractions

Single Tooth Extraction (with General Dentist only)$197.00$72.00
Surgical Tooth Extraction (with General Dentist only)$200.00 - $250.00$183.00
Surgical Tooth Extraction (with the Oral Surgeon)$250.00 - $350.00$200.00
Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Impacted Tooth, Soft Tissue)$358.00$220.00
Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Impacted Tooth, Partially Bony)$452.00$240.00
Full Bony Impacted Tooth$475.00 and up$294.00
Disclaimer: A dentist must perform an intraoral evaluation and take x-rays of the tooth prior to determining what type of extraction a patient will need. It is the dentist determination that will define the out of pocket fee for this service. All fees provided prior to this determination are an estimated quote.

Pediatric Dentistry

Child Teeth Cleaning $75.00$30.00
Flouride for Children under 16 (Excludes Cleaning)$41.00$24.00
Protective Sealant / Tooth for Children under 16$61.00$21.00

Specialty Fees

Endodontics20% off
Oral Surgery20% off
Orthodontics10% off
Periodontics20% off

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